In late December, crews will shift traffic on I-80 over UPRR. Westbound traffic will shift to the existing eastbound I-80 lanes and eastbound traffic will shift to a new temporary bridge directly adjacent to eastbound I-80.

Once the traffic shift is in place, crews will begin reconstruction activities on westbound i-80 over UPRR.


The SR-36 flyover bridge is officially in its final configuration. This new bridge has been rebuilt to meet the most current design standards and will have a 75-year lifespan. Drivers can still expect intermittent lane closures and traffic for final striping and shoulder work.


The Blackrock Reconstructed project is reconstructing three bridges along I-80 as part of our commitment to provide safe and efficient travel for the growing communities in Tooele County.

The following bridges will be reconstructed:

  • I-80 eastbound/westbound over UPRR
  • SR-36 over I-80 (Tooele interchange at Lakepoint)